ABQ Zine Fest

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The mission of the ABQ Zine Fest is to bring zinesters in the city together— to affirm the exciting and vibrant zine culture that exists in Albuquerque, and to foster a non-competitive, queer-friendly, ethnic-rich environment of creation in written, zine form. Through an exchange of ideas, energy, skill sets, discussions and workshops, ABQ Zine Fest hopes to nourish the expansion of zine creation in Albuquerque, and to highlight the diversity of zine making.

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The New-media Wilderness. Sure is Lewis and Clarky up in here. Very, very Daniel Booney. Glad to have some new sources for information to go to when we’re in the need to know.

Let’s just say that the world of journalism in New Mexico has undergone some serious shake-ups lately, and for the better, we think! There are a few new sources to turn to for art, news, music, local politics and more, that we’d like to talk about. Let’s get started! READ MORE … 

— 1 year ago
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